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The House at Boundary Road, Liverpool

Old 505 Theatre/Bontom Productions

A new play by a group of very different writers, from very different immigrant backgrounds.

The House at Boundary Road Liverpool is a collaboratively devised play about Australia’s waves of post-war immigration. It’s a play about a house and its occupants through the years. Four acts and four playwrights telling the story of four families.

Written by: Chika Ikogwe, Violette Ayad, Jordan Shea and Thomas De Angelis.

Direction: Jessica Arthur

Assistant Direction: Tasnim Hossain

Production Design: Keerthi Subramanyam

Lighting design: Kate Baldwin

Sound design: Clemence Williams

Production Stage Manager: Saint Clair



Monique Calarco, David Soncin, Angela Sullen, Felino Delloso, Mark Paguio, Jemwel Danao, Henrietta Ameavor, Mike Ugo, Nancy Denis, Jessica Phoebe Hanna, and Violette Ayad and Adam Di Martino.

Writer’s note:

It was the biggest ensemble cast to grace the Old 505. The cast were spread out, getting dressed everywhere and around the place. It was quite a sight. I was teaching around Sydney at the time, then straight to see the show - I felt very satisfied. The play united three extremely talented Filipino actors. Fresh NIDA grad Mark, seasoned performer Jemwel and industry veteran - Felino. I loved watching it, and thought it was compelling. It brought together countless artists from main stage and the indie sector, but I was disappointed the first week went virtually unnoticed. The second week, we packed it out solidly. I left the theatre satisfied every night, and my relationship with the Old 505 strengthened each performance.

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