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It’s formal night and Jerry stands on a hill, high heels in hand. A young woman heads to a party dressed as a blueberry.  Stuart plays at the arcade to win a slime-green lava lamp instead of concentrating on the problem at hand. What connects them is not time, it’s place.

Intricately drawn by Australia’s leading young writers, Intersection is a collection of short stories playing out across the same town, creating a  glorious map of the connections we form and the experiences we have when we’re 17.

Written by: Lewis Treston, Jordan Shea, Thomas De-Angelis, Peter Beaglehole, Ang Collins, Suzannah Kennett-Lister, Honor Webster-Mannison, Charles O’Grady, Zoe Ridgway and Isabelle McDonald


Direction: Katrina Douglas

Dramaturgy: Jenni Medway

Production design: Isabel Hudson

Lighting: Emma Lockhart-Wilson

Sound design: Tom Hogan 


Jackson Williams, Hudson Musty, Rebecca Gulia, Elliott Falzon, Adam Stepfner, Kurt Pimblet, Esther Randles, Alex Chalwell, Darius Williams, Iris Simpson, Alex Chorley, Sonia Elliott, Tamara Bailey, Ilai Swindells, Ingrid Leighton, Steffan Lazar, Monica Kumar, Asha Boswarva, May Tran.

Winner of 2017 GLUG Award for the Most Outstanding Production for Teenagers

Writer’s note:

This was commissioned by the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP), while I was at VCA. We all stayed a week at the Bundanon Trust, on Arthur Boyd’s historic property. A bunch of playwrights from all over Australia were brought together to be mentored by Mary-Anne Butler, Angus Cerini and Sue Smith. Jenni Medway, as always, provided the necessary and gentle dramaturgy. It was great to work with this company as a young playwright. We wrote some great work over that week and the collection of small plays were published by Currency Press, and eventually performed at Wharf 4, opening February 2017.


Previously, this type of residency was a part of ATYP’s Voices Project, originally a collection of monologues. Our ‘Intersection’ was appropriately duologues or three handers - many of which still get performed by young people across Australia today. My piece ‘Little Differences’, interrogated the horrendous race riots in 2005, something I have a vivid memory of. Rebecca Guilia and Elliot Falzon did it solid justice.

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