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I write and teach.  Since 2015, my work has been performed and developed with major theatre companies and indie venues/collectives. I also teach, in both educational and community settings. I am passionate about the authentic creation and development of narratives that put Filipino/Asian diaspora at the centre of stories, and simultaneously, interrogate why this country is the way it is. 

I am interested in exploring the hopes, dreams and nightmares of Filipino-Australian people and their connection with the socio-political landscape of this country. My work is hopeful, challenging and cathartic for those who watch it. But importantly, it can be continuously improved with further diverse voices, and assisted by creative personnel that actively mirror our society and its active citizens.


I am passionate about instigating discussions on issues that are revolving around national identity, because I believe that theatre can play an integral part in the continuous discourse about where we are going, and why we are going there.


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