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Old 505 Theatre/Freshworks

Cuong, Bryce and Ryan turn up in Thailand for three very different reasons. They meet in a sordid little place in the city, where they disrespect the country beyond recognition. As the three negotiate their way through a firestorm beyond their wildest imaginations, a rite of passage joy ride turns into a nightmare.

Written by: Jordan Shea

Direction: Shae Riches

Design realisation: Antoinette Barbouttis 

Lighting design: Liam O’Keefe

Sound design: Alexander Lee-Rekers

Fight choreography: Josh Anderson

Bump out: Michael Shea


Cast: Josh Anderson, Badai Maftuh-Flynn and Patrick Diggins

Writer’s note:

This was a passion project for me (the first of many). It was inspired by Australia’s long and toxic relationship with travelling through Asia. I had actually heard a foul discussion about sexual exploits on a flight back from the Philippines, perpetrated by White, male, Australians. It was also inspired by the morons who wore the Malaysian flag as swimwear in Malaysia. One of the men that did that was a staffer for MP Julie Bishop. Atypically ‘smart’, I wanted to create three male characters totally different to one another - I think I succeeded.


Other memories included Dad ripping the set apart on the final night, at 65 years young. We played to a great crowd, and were offered more- but feasibly couldn’t afford it. I do want to revisit it, maybe with three women playing the parts. Anyone out there? It’s available! 

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