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Last Drinks

The Avalon used to be a lively pub, but now there are only ever three people there. Daniel owns it, Chris seeks refuge in it, and Matt thinks it’s the best place on God’s earth. The Av’ has become a second home to these blokes, and the perfect place for them to escape the world… something that’s threatened when a tempting offer comes to sell the building. They’ve been tied together through this place since childhood, but however much they love it, their lives may be starting to move on.

Written by: Jordan Shea

Direction: Luke Holmes

Designer: Victor Kalka 

Produced by: Luke Holmes and Charlie Hanson

Presented by: BNW Theatre

Production manager: Charlie Hanson

Performed at the Exchange Hotel, Balmain, November 17-26.



Christopher Nehme, Bob Deacon and Steve Maresca

Writer's Note:

This was the last play I wrote before I moved to Melbourne to study at the VCA. It was site specific, and we actually played it in the backroom of the Exchange Hotel, Balmain. I learnt about a year a go, it was gutted and became a boutique hotel - something the three characters would have hated. The pub itself was experiencing a bit of economic downturn at the time, and I think presenting a play there boosted morale and interest. It had themes of gentrification, mental health within masculine communities, and alcoholism. I had always wanted to rewrite this, but I think it has passed now. The guys did a great job with it, many laughs a night - and it certainly set me up artistically and thematically for the next few years as a writer.

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